Mitochondrial Therapy

What is Mitochondrial Therapy?

Dr. Michael Kucera is the man behind mitochondrial therapy. He is an internationally renowned medical doctor specialising in mitochondrial and anti-aging medicine. The only Czech medical doctor who has worked at NASA training astronauts for Mars flights.

Dr. Kucera is dedicated to detecting, improving and restoring the state of health of the organism. He is interested in improving the function of the autonomic nervous system in order to maintain the ideal internal environment and to improve individual capacity to respond and adapt to internal and external stress of any origin.

‘Stress does not kill you, its how you react to stress that matters!’ Dr. Kucera

Mitochondria are like little batteries that generate energy in our cells. Mitochondria provide energy to the cell from a process known as cellular respiration. This process gathers electrons from elements such as glucose to make molecules of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP molecules deliver just the right amount of energy for our needs. If we require more energy for our needs then the numbers of mitochondria will be increased to match our cells requirements. Our muscles, heart, lungs and brain cannot function efficiently without cellular energy.

Free radicals damage our mitochondrial DNA. If preventative measures are not taken, the cell can weaken and eventually die. This process sets the stage for speeding up the human aging and degeneration process.

Dr. Kucera’s supportive supplement formulas used in mitochondrial therapy are based on cutting edge Russian scientific research and are designed to enhance the effectiveness of regeneration on the mitochondria. The regeneration process supports the building of health right at the cellular level.

Consultations include a HRV test. If necessary, you will be prescribed supplements (Dr. Kucera’s formulations) to initiate regeneration of the body.

In general, a follow-up consultation is required during the first four weeks. During this ‘regeneration’ time of between 12-20 weeks, the dosage of the supplements may be adjusted +/-depending on the follow up HRV test readings, your age, and your health challenges.

The regeneration process can take between12 – 20 weeks.

  • Impaired mitochondrial function is repaired. The result is more cellular energy, cellular efficiency and ability to burn fat.
  • Damaged protein structures responsible for protection and construction are repaired.
  • The regulatory homeostatic controls are rebalanced. Stress no longer raises free radical levels.
  • The outcome is a healthier functioning body at the cellular level and the ability to adapt to the variable stresses and loads that are an unavoidable part of life.

After your body is functioning in this range you will not need to re-test for 6-12 months. Please keep in mind that this is only a general overview of what to expect and individual cases may vary.


Do you feel tired, confused, perceive they have poor memory, find it hard to lose weight, have poor digestion and allergies? These are some of the very many common symptoms that chemical and metal toxicity can cause.  Essentially, it is due to high levels of toxic metals, man-made chemicals and fungal toxins disrupting bodily functions. A person suffering from systemic toxicity will find it very difficult to find a cure for their condition until the toxicity is dealt with. Treating a health issue when a person is compromised by toxicity can be like trying to stitch up a wound when the nail is still being driven into it.


I had the great privilege of working closely with Dr. Tim Ray-the world expert and innovator in natural heavy metal, chemical, mycotoxin, endotoxin and radionuclide detoxification and has been for over 15 years. Dr. Ray invented NDF (Natural Detox Factors)—“The safest and most effective chelator in the world today,” as said by Dr. Dietrich Klinghart M.D, PhD.


In 2002 he invented the VITERAS 5 phase detox protocol which addresses the safe and effective removal of systemic toxicity. Viteras remedies are backed by stringent laboratory testing showing effectiveness compared to other current methods of detox and is the only known solution to heavy metal, chemical, fungal, microbial and radiation toxicity. All VITERAS remedies are manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the Swiss Alps and use only organic, wild crafted or pharmaceutically pure natural ingredients; all accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis insuring no toxin presence.


There are a total of 5 phases to this detox treatment. Phase 1 cleans the circulation & lymphatics,  Phase 2 cleans the gut, Phase 3 targets extracellular areas, Phase 4 cleans intracellular areas and Phase 5 cleans the ischemic areas (brain and other organs) as well as the nervous system.


Time and time again I’ve seen the benefits a good internal cleanse, that is done well, can bring. Above all, the clarity, energy and zest for life that a gentle, yet highly effective detox provides is invaluable. And this feeling is what my clients can’t get enough of!