Having been neglected for decades, fascia is now attracting the attention of scientists worldwide, and is beginning to take its rightful place in the forefront of medical research as evidence is sprouting of its important role in the body’s healing mechanism and its link to chronic pain and emotional issues.

Fascia is the single most pain-sensitive tissue in the body and is in effect the ‘fabric’ that is woven throughout every part of our bodies to hold us together. It is due to this that a Bowen Therapy treatment addresses the body as a whole and not just the specific area of problem. For example, lower back pain may be originating from tight fascia in the leg or vice versa.

Take a moment to think what happens when you cut your finger. Your body has the ability to repair that lesion and likewise your body has the ability to fight infection and repair internal damaged tissues.  Traumas, poor posture, stress, injury, prolonged sitting, standing and dehydration etc. can all affect the body’s fascia, making it in effect sluggish and tight, which can cause anything from discomfort to emotional issues.

During your Bowen Treatment your practitioner will work on specific areas of your body’s fascia, encouraging it to relax and return to its original state, whilst stimulating the body’s ability to deal with underlying issues itself. Practitioners who work with client’s fascia frequently see immediate results in pain relief, with clients often reporting that after a Bowen Treatment they feel better than ever. So why not treat your body to a Bowen Therapy session today and see what it can do for you.